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Pffffft, Nalifans?Edit

We are fans of Nalif, therefore we are "Nalifans" (pronounced Nah-li-fans), but Nathan will continue to refer to us as "friends".

When greeting a fellow Nalifan, the first person must say "Welcome back friends." Person two will respond with "It's gonna be great." After this response is exchanged, we may continue on to our normal conversation. Here is an example:

Person 1: Welcome back friends.

Person 2: It's gonna be great.

Person 1: How have you been?

Person 2: I've been pretty good. Hey, have you seen the newest episode of Nalif's Crysis yet?

Person 1: Oh yea! That was hilarious!

Nalifan ArtEdit

Lets see some of the fan art that has been sent to Nalif!


Fan art, created by Kelsey.


Ghost Kitty created by Kimberly


Big Daddy Plush created by Kimberly.


Fan art of Nalif and Ms. Moonica

AqJ0njxCAAEK3F -3-

Fan art created by Louis.