Toby and Nathan Suck at GamingEdit

Tobuscus posted these videos of him playing co-op with Nalif in Left 4 Dead 2. At the time, Nalif did not look like a very good gamer. In fact, Nathan died before the end of the campaign, so Tobuscus had to finish the last few minutes by himself. Here are Nalif's statistics from the game:

Nalif as Ellis (Deceased)

Total campaign time: 1 hour 43 minutes

Difficulty: Normal

Number of times restarted: 1

Deaths: 3 Nalif

Number of times incapacitated: 14 Nalif (the most)

First aid kits used: 9 Nalif

Pain pills used: 2 Nalif

Molotovs used: 1 Nalif

Melee kills: 95 Nalif (the most)

Hunters killed: 7 Nalif

Boomers killed: 3 Nalif

Smokers killed: 7 Nalif

Chargers killed: 6 Nalif

Jockeys killed: 5 Nalif

Spitters killed: 3 Nalif

Common infected killed: 570 Nalif (the least)

Took the least amount of damage: 2583 Nalif (the most damage taken)

Fewest friendly fire incidents: 40 Nalif

Revived the most teammates: 3 Nalif

Protected the most teammates: 22 Nalif

Healed the most teammates: 3 Nalif

Overall accuracy: 19% Nalif (the least)

Headshots (percentage of all hits): 8% Nalif